Using the command line

You can use the command line to convert scanned documents, PDF files, and image files to supported formats. You can also use it to launch a comparison of two versions of a document in different formats without having to specifically open either the OCR Editor window or ABBYY Compare Documents.

To process documents using the command line, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the command line interface by pressing the Win+R key combination. Next, enter "cmd" into the command line and click OK.
  2. Enter a command for either converting or comparing your documents, and press the Enter key. An ABBYY FineReader dialog window will appear on the screen. It will contain a progress bar, as well as any relevant hints and warnings.  
  3. After your documents have been processed, the results will be opened in the appropriate application.
    To save the conversion results, you will need to manually launch the save procedure.

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