Script Editor

The Script Editor allows you to write and edit scripts for individual batches or for a group of batches of a certain type.

To open the Script Editor, click the Edit... button on the Scripts tab.

You can select a desired scripting language for your script: JScript®, VBScript, C#.Net , VisualBasic.Net or JScript.Net.

For editing the script, use the menu commands or buttons on the Script Editor toolbar.

To check the script code:

  • click Check button on the toolbar


  • select Check Script from the Tools menu


  • press F9

If you want to add a custom function, click on the arrow next to the script name and select GlobalModule to create your function in the global module of events or in the global module of export.

To close the Script Editor select File Exit or press the Close button in the right upper corner of the window.

For more information about scripts, please refer to the Using script section.

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