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For the correct operation of the Scanning Station, a valid protection key is required. ABBYY Scanning Station which is shipped with ABBYY FlexiCapture uses the protection key of ABBYY FlexiCapture. The information contained in this section and its subsection refers to remote Scanning Stations which are protected with their own protection keys.

ABBYY Scanning Station can be protected with one of the following types of protection key:

  • hardware protection key
  • software protection key

Hardware protection key

This is a dongle to be plugged into a USB port on your computer (USB dongle). To use the program, your hardware protection key must be plugged in at all times.

The hardware protection key stores the parameters of your license.

An empty hardware protection key can be activated remotely, using only the serial number of your license. This is done in the License Manager utility, which contacts the activation server over the Internet, requests the parameters of the serial number, and saves them in the key.

Important! You must be able to run the standard SmartCard service in order to use a hardware protection key.

Software protection key

This is a license file.

For ABBYY FlexiCapture Scanning Station to run with a software protection key, the license file must be activated on the ABBYY activation server. You can activate your license file via the Licenses dialog box. To open the Licenses dialog box, select Help About and click the License Manager... button in the About ABBYY Scan Station dialog box.

Information required to activate your license file is sent to ABBYY as a code (Product ID) which is generated based on the information about the computer on which ABBYY Scanning Station is installed. No personal information is used to generate a Product ID and this code cannot be used to identify the use.

Activation methods:

  • via the Internet
    Activation over the Internet is carried out automatically and takes seconds to complete. An active Internet connection is required for this method. In the case of activation over the Internet, no additional steps are required.
  • by e-mail
    If you choose this activation method, an e-mail activation request will be generated automatically. Send this e-mail message to the address specified. Please do not change the body and subject of the e-mail message, or the activation will fail. You will receive an activation file in response. Select the load activation file item to load the file into the protection system.
  • by e-mail from another computer
    If e-mail cannot be sent from the computer on which you are activating the application, you can copy the required information onto another computer and send an activation request from that computer. Selecting by e-mail from another computer will generate an activation request which you can copy onto another computer. Send this activation request to the specified address. You will receive an activation file in response. Copy this activation file onto the computer on which the application is installed and the load activation file item to load the file into the protection system.
  • load activation file
    Select this item to load the activation file you received from the ABBYY activation server.

Repeat activation

You can re-install ABBYY Scanning Station any number of times on the computer on which it was activated. However, if you make substantial upgrades, format the hard drive or re-install the operating system, you may need to activate the product again.

The activation server keeps a log of how many times each serial number has been activated. Once a certain threshold for a serial number is exceeded, the serial number gets blocked and can no longer be activated.

You can de-activate an activated license in order to use it on another computer. When you de-activate a license, the activation server reduces the activation counter for this serial number by one.

Important! You will be able to use the activated program only on the computer on which the Product ID was generated. To move the program to another computer, first de-activate your license.

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