Processing Documents Using Global Settings

You can select the processing options for individual batches immediately before you initiate a processing stage. Processing batches of documents with ABBYY Scanning Station involves the following basic steps:

  1. Scanning
    To start scanning, click Scan on the toolbar. The latest scanner source will be used. You can select a scanner source by clicking the arrow to the right. For detailed information about scanning and importing images, refer to the Scanning Images section.
    Important! The scanner must be connected to your computer. Please refer to the scanner's documentation for directions on connecting the scanner. If no scanner is connected, you can only use a virtual scanner to import images from a folder.
  2. Document and batch separation
    In some cases scanned pages will need to be placed into different documents or batches in the Batches pane or in the image pane. Refer to the Working with Batches, Documents, and Pages section for detailed instructions.
  3. Editing images
    The Scanning Station includes tools for editing images. These tools can be used to rotate images, correct image skew, remove noise and apply other enhancements to images before exporting them. Refer to the Editing Images section for detailed instructions.
  4. Exporting the scanned documents
    Once you are finished working with a batch, save it to a local folder, to an FTP folder, export to ABBYY FlexiCapture, or export the batch by using a script. To select an export destination, click the arrow next to the Send To button on the main window. Then select an export destination and click OK. Refer to the Exporting Batches section for detailed instructions.

If you need to set up the processing of a series of commonly used batches, refer to the Processing Documents section.

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