What it does

Represents a document or a page.

Definition Description
SaveAs (fileName: string, [optional] options: VARIANT)

Saves document pages (or a page image) to a file.

When saving a multi-page document in a single-page format, the exception is returned.

Name Type Access Description
IsDocument (or IsPage) bool Read-only Checks whether the item is a document (or a page).
DocumentInfo (or PageInfo) IExportDocumentInfo(or IExportPageInfo) Read-only Item properties. If the requested property does not correspond to the item type, the IsDocument / IsPage check is carried out.
Children IExportBatchItems Read-only Child items
Parent IExportBatchItem Read-only The parent item
Prev IExportBatchItem Read-only The previous item
Next IExportBatchItem Read-only The next item
Index int Read-only The item index in the parent collection
Name string Read-only The name of the item
ScriptProperties IScriptProperties Read-only Script properties
Attachments IExportAttachments Read-only Attachments
IsExported bool Read/write Specifies whether the item is exported

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