You can use commands from the Reports menu to generate reports on Operator workloads, processed documents, documents from specific clients and other criteria. The Administrator or Monitoring Operator can view, print or export reports to Excel, PDF, Word or CSV files.

By default, reports are generated using Microsoft Report Viewer, which is included in the server part of ABBYY FlexiCapture.

All reports (apart from Custom Reports) have the following elements:

  • The Detailed report.
  • The Aggregate report option (selected by default) adds overall statistics for all of the system parameters to the report.
  • The Diagram option (selected by default) adds to the report a performance bar chart.

You may customize each report depending on specific objectives. The Aggregate report  option and the Diagram option can be disabled. The General Operators report contains an additional Batch details option. When customizing the report, you may also hide unnecessary columns in the report table, group the report data by columns, and select projects, batch types and/or operators.

If you use a certain configuration frequently, you may create a report template.

Note: Saved templates may only be accessed by the user who created them.

Creating a report template

ABBYY FlexiCapture provides Web API for downloading reports automatically, enabling the use reports in other systems without human involvement. For more information about the API methods, please see the Using Web API for downloading reports section in Developer Help.

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