Managing user accounts and permissions

This section is only available to Tenant Administrators, Operators Managers, and System Administrators.

To enable Operators to process documents, you will need to grant them user roles and permissions for projects.

The permissions granted to the Administrator, Operators Manager, Monitoring Operator, and Processing Server roles apply to all projects. You can grant these permissions immediately after establishing a connection with the database or creating a tenant. Permissions to all other Operators are granted for individual projects. Therefore, before granting permissions to other Operators, the Administrator must create projects and upload them to the Application Server. Unless there are some projects on the Application Server, the Administrator will not be able to add Operators and grant them access permissions.

Access permissions granted to Monitoring Operators have the following restrictions:

  • The Processing Monitor will only be available in read-only, i.e. the Operators will not be able to to make any changes.
  • All sub-sections of the Settings section will not be available.

Access permissions granted to Operators Managers have the following restrictions:  

  • Only the Users, Groups, and Requests tabs are available on the Settings page.

This section contains pages that let you manage users, manage groups and process permission requests.

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