Sample report types

To make working with reports more convenient, we have created report templates that can be used with your own data. To compile a report using a template, do the following:

  1. Choose a report template and download it in XLSX format using the link:
    • BusinessProcessingReport_BatchState. Current batch states.
      1. Processing batches. Batches currently being processed.
      2. SLA Violation. Number of batches that are in violation of SLA times. Sorted by batch creation date.
      3. Processed batches. Sorts batches by processing stage and creation date.
    • BusinessProcessingReport_BatchRouting. Batch processing history.
      1. Batches on stage. The number of batches that have passed the corresponding processing stage.
      2. Average stage time. The average and total times accrued at each processing stage, sorted by different projects.
      3. Verified batches. The number of batches at the verification stage, sorted by operators.
  2. In the Param tab, specify the path to the Business Process Reporting data storage catalog in the SourceDir field. If required, specify the start and end dates for the reporting period in the CreateDateFrom | CreateDateTo fields. The files will be sorted by creation date.
  3. Select Data > Refresh All in the toolbar to begin uploading data. In the status bar in the lower part of the screen, the Retrieving Data… status will be displayed while data is being uploaded.
  4. Select Power Pivot > Manage in the toolbar to view the data as a table in CSV format.

Note: Your particular version of Microsoft Excel may not have the Power Pivot add-in enabled. For detailed information about enabling this add-in, see the Microsoft website.

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