Filtering data

The data in the monitoring tables of the Administration and Monitoring Console can be filtered, e.g. you can choose to display only documents that are in the verification stage, or display only error messages from the event log.

The filter pane is located above the monitoring tables. To edit or remove a filter, place the mouse pointer over the ellipsis to the right of the filter button and select one of the options from the drop-down menu.

To create a new filter, click the button and specify filtering criteria. If you want to add more criteria, click the + button.

Important! Filtering criteria may only be combined using the AND and OR Operators.

The default name of a filter consists of the word "Filter" followed by the date and time when it was created. You can change the default name by clicking it and typing a new name.

Note: If you close the filter creation dialog box without saving, the filter will be named "New Filter" and will remain available until you close the Administration and Monitoring Console.

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