Web Station error diagnostics

If you see errors that do not contain HTTP error codes like 40X or 500 when working on a Web Station, then:

  1. Press F12 to call up the Developer console.
  2. Navigate to the Console tab:
  3. Copy the error list displayed in the console.
  4. Enable logging for the Web Station that displays the error. For more information, see Web Station logging.
  5. Reproduce the error.
  6. Contact ABBYY's technical support, providing the error list displayed on the Console tab and the Web Station log files.

The following are examples of possible errors:

  • The document layout cannot be displayed completely or partially when taking a job.
  • “Parameter cannot be null.”

If an error window containing an HTTP error code appears on the Web Station (e.g. “Error 400: bad request” or “Error 500 while completing task”), then:

  1. Check the Application Server system log for errors.
  2. If the error cannot be reproduced reliably, enable logging on the Web Station that reports the error. For more information, see Web Station logging.
  3. If the error can be reproduced reliably, enable Fiddler logging. For more information, see Fiddler logging.
  4. Contact ABBYY's technical support, providing the Web Station logs and the Fiddler logs for the time period when the error occurred.

The "Cannot get license ticket" error on Web Stations

If the "Cannot get license ticket" error occurs on a Web Station when opening a job or trying to scan or add an image into a batch:

  • Check that the Processing Server is running.
  • Check that there are free licenses by doing the following:
        1. Launch the License Manager.
        2. Select a license from the list.
        3. Navigate to Service -> License Usage Statistic... in the main menu.

If all licenses are in use, check whether there are any frozen sessions that may be using up your licenses. To do this, navigate to the System Monitoring -> Sessions page on the Administration and Monitoring Console.

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