Problems with batch processing

The following are signs that a batch is not being processed by the system: the batch does not appear on the Verification Station and/or is not exported if unattended processing is used.

If a batch is not being processed:

  • Make sure that the Processing Server is running and that there is at least one Processing Station running which is permitted to carry out the relevant jobs. For more information, see Processing Station problems.
  • For a batch imported from a Hot Folder, make sure that:
    - Automatic checking is enabled in the project's import profile (i.e. the Check every x seconds option is enabled and a check period is set).
    - Hot Folder import profile processing is enabled for the project on the following page: /FlexiCapture12/monitoring/#Settings/Projects.
    - The Processing Server Monitor logs contain Hot Folder import jobs.
  • For a batch processed using the API, make sure that the processbatch method was used to submit the batch for processing. To do this, open the Verification Station, find the appropriate batch, and open it. If 0 is specified in the Task Id column, the batch was not submitted for processing using the processbatch method.

10/9/2020 8:50:42 AM

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