Processing Station problems

Processing Stations handle jobs at automatic stages and delete batches that have already been processed (if automatic deletion is enabled). The corresponding Windows task manager service is called ABBYY.ProcStation.FlexiCapture.12.0, and the process is called FlexiBrSvc.exe (it s launched using the -stationType:proc key). To process a specific job, a separate process called FlexiEx.exe is created.

Before you start collecting diagnostic information, make sure that the machine where the Processing Station is installed has enough CPU power, RAM, and free disk space.

  1. If you are unable to add the Processing Station to the Processing Server using the Processing Server Monitor, verify that the machine where the Processing Station is installed is accessible and that it is running the ABBYY.ProcStation.FlexiCapture.12.0 service.
  2. If you are unable to launch the Processing Station using the Processing Server Monitor:

Contact ABBYY's technical support, providing the system log files for both the Processing Server and the Processing Station, as well as the processing logs for both.

10/9/2020 8:50:42 AM

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