Problems with sending e-mail notifications

If no e-mail notifications are sent, do the following:

  1. Make sure that your settings for sending notifications are correct. Outgoing e-mail notification settings can be found in the Administration and Monitoring Console on the following page: FlexiCapture12/monitoring/#Settings/SmtpSettings.
  2. Make sure that notification sending is enabled on the following page: FlexiCapture12/monitoring/#Settings/Notifications.

How do I check that messages are sent?

Outgoing e-mail messages appear in the MessageQueue table in the database. The Processing Server is responsible for sending e-mail messages. To make sure that e-mail messages are sent, do the following:

  1. Launch the Processing Server and make sure that the appropriate messages appear in the queue.
  2. Launch the Processing Server. If the messages have disappeared, it means that they have been sent. If this is the case, further inspection must be carried out client-side — if the clients are not receiving the messages, they may be being filtered out as spam.

If the messages do not disappear for a long time after the Processing Server has been launched, check the Processing Server system log to see if any errors have occurred.

The following are the two most common errors:

  1. The e-mail server is unavailable, which may be caused by incorrect firewall or proxy settings.
  2. The connection cannot be established due to incorrect or insufficient access permissions.

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