Microsoft Graph API connection error

Setting up image import via Microsoft Graph Mail API requires authorization via OAuth 2.0. Sometimes, after confirmation of authorization is received, the authentication is denied with the following error message: Flow failed. Failure info/error: Connect to token endpoint failed.

This occurs because FlexiCapture is unable to access the following required resources:

A connection to the ABBYY servers is established only once - during the first authorization. Once the user has been authorized on Microsoft's side, they are redirected to, which in turn redirects the user to The OAuth 2.0 authorization wizard uses port 32023 to receive this final response. After that, FlexiCapture sends requests to the Microsoft resources directly from the machine on which the corresponding station is installed.  

Verify that your firewall settings are not blocking access to the Microsoft identity platform and the Microsoft Graph API servers. These resources should be accessible to the machine on which any of the following operations are being performed:

  • Creating and/or editing a Microsoft Graph Mail API import profile on the Project Setup Station.
  • Initializing image import manually on the Scanning Station or the Project Setup Station. In this case, both stations require access to the above resources.
  • Automatic import from the Microsoft Graph Mail API hotfolder on the Processing Station.

1/16/2023 10:02:53 AM

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