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Using the tasks on the Adobe PDF tab of the Task window, you can easily convert images (e.g. scanned documents, PDF files, and image files) to PDF.

  1. From the Document language drop-down list at the top of the window, select the languages of your document.
  2. From the Color mode drop-down list, select either full-color or black-and-white mode.

Important! Once the document is converted to black and white, you will not be able to restore the colors.

  1. Select desired document options in the right-hand section of the window:
    • Text and pictures only

This option saves only the recognized text and the pictures. The text will be fully searchable and the size of the PDF file will be small. The appearance of the resulting document may slightly differ from the original.

  • Text over the page image

This option saves the background and pictures of the original document and places the recognized text over them. Usually, a PDF file saved using this option requires more disk space than a file that has been saved with the Text and pictures only option enabled. The resulting PDF document is fully searchable. In some cases, the appearance of the resulting document may slightly differ from the original.

  • Text under the page image

This option saves the entire page image as a picture and places the recognized text underneath. Use this option to create a fully searchable document that looks virtually the same as the original.

  • Page image only

This option saves the exact image of the page. This type of PDF document will be virtually indistinguishable from the original but the file will not be searchable.

  1. From the Picture drop-down list, select the desired quality of the pictures.
  2. Select either PDF or PDF/A.
  3. Click the button of the task that you need:
    • Scan to PDF scans a paper document and converts it to PDF
    • Image File to PDF converts image files to PDF
    • Photo to PDF converts photos of documents to PDF

As a result, a new PDF document will be created and opened in a PDF viewing application.

Important! When you start a built-in task, the currently selected program options are used. If you decide to change any of the options, you will need to restart the task.

Tip: When saving recognized text in PDF, you can specify passwords to protect the document from unauthorized opening, printing, and editing. For details, see "PDF Security Settings."

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