Application Server setup

Important! This section is only available to users with System Administrator permissions.

Note: Windows authentication should be used to access the Settings → Application Server page. To use Windows authentication, add /winauth after the name of the station in the browser address bar. For example: https://localhost/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring/winauth/#Settings/DbConn.

In the Settings → Application Server menu, you can configure database connection settings and view a list of projects available on the server. ABBYY FlexiCapture can use Microsoft SQL Server, an Oracle server, an Azure server, or a PostgreSQL server as a database.

Important! In ABBYY FlexiCapture Release 4 Update 2, PostgreSQL is enabled by default. To be able to work with PostgreSQL databases in earlier versions of ABBYY FlexiCapture, you will need to enable PostgreSQL first.

To set up a database connection, create a new database or connect to an existing one.

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