Managing tenants

This section is only available to users with System Administrator permissions.

The multitenancy feature enables several users to use ABBYY FlexiCapture independently from one another. To begin using this feature, simply create one or more tenants.

To add or delete tenants and change their settings, make sure you have System Administrator permissions, open the Administration and Monitoring Console, and click Settings → Tenants.

You can also isolate different tenants from one another at task level. To do so, in the Processing Server Monitor, create required Processing Station groups and then assign a desired group to each new tenant you create. Now each tenant's tasks will be processed only using its assigned group of stations.

Using Processing Station groups you can:

  • Separate one tenant's tasks from those of other tenants and assign more stations to the separated tenant to speed up processing.
  • Keep the tasks of a high-load tenant separate from those of other tenants so that they remain unaffected.
  • Assign specific stations to specific tenants to keep the tenants completely separate.

Viewing tenants

Creating a new tenant

Changing a tenant's settings

Deleting a tenant

Restricting access to a tenant using White IP List

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