Creating a new tenant

To create a new tenant, open the Administration and Monitoring Console, click Settings → Tenants, click the New tenant button and specify the following tenant details:

  1. The name of the tenant (required)
    Note: Tenant names can only contain Latin characters, numbers and underscore characters. Do not use spaces.
  2. A description of the tenant.
  3. The e-mail address of the Tenant Administrator (required).
  4. The number of the tenant's license (see Managing licenses for details).
  5. Additionally, specify a station group if you want the tasks from this tenant to be processed on specific Processing Stations belonging to a certain station group (optional). Select the Allow common station group usage check box if you want the tasks from this tenant to also be processed on stations that don't belong any group. Please note that group selection is only available if at least one station group has been created in Processing Server Monitor. For more information, see Processing Server>Creating station groups.

Click Save. FlexiCapture will generate a message containing a link to the login page, a user name and a temporary password, and send this message to the Tenant Administrator.

Important! If an SMTP server has not been set up, FlexiCapture will not be able to send the message to the Tenant Administrator. To set up an SMTP server, click Settings → SMTP settings.

The new tenant will appear in the list of tenants.

See also: Accessing a tenant's Administration and Monitoring Console.

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