Monitoring sessions

The productivity of ABBYY FlexiCapture is directly affected by the number of open user sessions. On the System Monitor → Sessions page of the Administration and Monitoring Console, the System Administrator can:

  • View the open user sessions and filter them by user role and station type to evaluate the load on FlexiCapture.
  • Release licenses for use by the Operators if they run out of licenses.
  • Manually remove unused sessions.

Note: By default, the table contains information on the sessions in all the tenants. To view information on a specific project, select the project in the left-hand pane of the Administration and Monitoring Console.

You can sort the sessions by clicking the name of the column that you want to use for sorting. Sessions can be sorted by last active date, event type, tenant, user role, and other criteria. See also: Filtering data.

Use the icons in the upper-right corner of the Administration and Monitoring Console to print the table or export it to a CSV file.

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