Managing User Accounts

In this node, you can view the list of users, and change user roles and permissions. There are three types of user roles in ABBYY FineReader Server: Administrator, Verifier, and Indexer. A user can have administrator, verifier, and/or indexer permissions. Administrator has all the setup rights and can add and remove users. Verifier has the permissions to proofread the recognized pages from certain workflows on a Verification Station. Indexer has the permissions to assign attributes to documents from specified workflows on an Indexing Station.

Immediately after the installation of ABBYY FineReader Server 14, there is only a Chief Administrator in the system. The password of the Chief Administrator is empty. We strongly recommend changing this password.

To change the password: in the Details pane, select the Chief Administrator item and then select Change Password... on the shortcut menu and enter the new password in the Change Administrator Password dialog box that opens.

To add a new user:

  1. Click (Add User) on the toolbar or select the corresponding item on the shortcut menu.
  2. In the User Properties dialog box, enter a domain user account in DOMAIN\username format, or a local user account in COMPUTER\username format.
  3. Assign one or several roles to the user. If you assign a Verifier (Indexer) role to the user, you can select which workflows this user should have the right to verify (to index documents from), and whether the user should be able to select workflows on a Verification Station (Indexing Station). See Configuring Verification (Configuring Indexing) for details.
  4. Click OK and refresh the Remote Administration Console. The new account will be added to the list of users.

To remove a user, either click (Delete) on the toolbar or select the corresponding item on the shortcut menu.

Note. You cannot remove an administrator, if the Remote Administration Console runs under his account, and in the Register New FineReader Server dialog box the Use Windows authentication option is selected.

Note. When adding a user group from Active Directory, there will be a 1-minute delay before users from this group will be able to log in.

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