Saving an Image of a Page


ABBYY FineReader lets you save page images, including scans.

To save one or more images:

  1. Select the pages in the Pages window.
  2. On the File menu, click Save Pages as Images…
  3. In the dialog box that opens, select the disk and folder to save the file to.
  4. Select a graphical format you want to save the image in.

Important! If you want to save multiple pages to one file, choose the TIF format and select Save as multi-page image file.

For details, see "Supported Image Formats."

  1. Specify the file name and click Save.

Tip: When saving, you can select the image format and compression method. Image compression lets you decrease file size. Methods used for image compression differ by compression rate and data loss. Two factors define the choice of compression method: the resulting image quality and file size.

ABBYY FineReader lets you use the following compression methods:

  • ZIP

Avoids loss of data and is used for images containing large sections in one color. For example, this method is used for screenshots and black-and-white images.

  • JPEG

Used for gray and color images such as photos. This method provides high-density compression but leads to data loss and poorer image quality (blurred outlines and poor color palette).

  • CCITT Group 4

No data loss. Commonly used for black-and-white images created in graphical programs or scanned images. The CCITT Group 4 compression is a widespread compression method applied to virtually all images.

  • Packbits

No data loss. Used for scanned black-and-white images.

  • LZW

No data loss. Used for graphics and gray images.

Settings on the Save > PDF tab of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options) are used when saving page images in image-only PDF.

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