Options Dialog Box


In the Options dialog box, you can select document processing options and customize the appearance of the program.

Important! To open the Options dialog box, click Tools > Options…. This dialog box can also be opened by clicking the wrench button on the toolbar, by right-clicking the toolbar and then clicking Options..., or by clicking the Options button in the saving or opening dialog boxes.

The Options dialog box has 6 tabs, each of which contains settings specific to certain areas of ABBYY FineReader's functionality.


On this tab, you can select:

This tab also displays the path to the current FineReader document.


On this tab you can enable or disable automatic processing of newly added pages. If automatic processing is enabled, you can select general document processing options and image preprocessing options to be used when scanning and opening images:

  • Read page images

When this option is enabled, the program automatically recognizes the text.

  • Analyze page images

When this option is enabled, the program automatically detects areas and their types.

  • Preprocess page images

When this option is enabled, the program automatically preprocesses page images. You can specify which tools will be used during preprocessing.

Also on this tab you can select a scanner driver and a scanning interface.

For details, see "Scanning and Opening Options," "Working with Complex-Script Languages," and "Scanning Paper Documents."


On this tab, you can select recognition options:

  • Thorough reading or Fast reading
  • Detect structural elements (lets you choose which elements to preserve when exporting results to Microsoft Word)
  • Training (lets you use user patterns when recognizing texts)
  • User patterns and languages
  • Fonts (lets you choose the fonts to be used in recognized texts)
  • Look for barcodes

For details, see "OCR Options," "If Your Printed Document Contains Non-Standard Fonts."


On this tab, you can select the output format in which to save recognition results. For details, see "Saving OCR Results."


On this tab, you can:

  • Customize the appearance of the Pages window, choosing between Thumbnails and Details views
  • Customize the Text window, where you can have the low-confidence recognized characters highlighted in a color of your choice, hide/show non-printed characters, and select the font to be used for plain text.
  • Select the colors and width of frames that enclose the areas displayed in the Image window, the color used to highlight low-confidence characters, etc.

For details, see "If Areas Are Detected Incorrectly."


On this tab, you can:

  • Select verification options for low-confidence characters
  • Specify whether spaces before and after punctuation marks should be corrected
  • View and edit user dictionaries
  • Specify whether ABBYY FineReader should automatically check for and install updates
  • Select the user interface language
  • Specify whether the last FineReader document should be opened when you start the program
  • Specify whether you want to send anonymized ABBYY FineReader configuration data to ABBYY for purposes of improving the software

Click Reset to Defaults... at the bottom of the dialog box if you wish to revert to the default settings.

For details, see "What Is a FineReader Document?," "Checking Texts in the Text Window," and "If the program Failed to Recognize Some of the Characters."

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