Adding Images Without Processing


You can use the Quick Scan, Quick Open or Scan and Save as Image automated tasks in the Task window to scan or open images in ABBYY FineReader without preprocessing or OCR. This may be useful if you have a very large document and need only some of its pages recognized.

For details, see "Copying Content from Documents" and "Saving an Image of a Page."

  1. From the Color mode drop-down list, select either full-color or black-and-white mode.

Important! Once the document is converted to black and white, you will not be able to restore the colors.

  1. Click the automated task that you need:
    • Quick Scan scans a paper document and opens the images in ABBYY FineReader without image preprocessing or OCR.
    • Quick Open opens PDF documents and images files in ABBYY FineReader without image preprocessing or OCR.
    • Scan and Save as Image scans a document and saves the scans. Once the scanning is complete, an image saving dialog box will open.

For the list of image formats in which you can save scanned images, see "Supported Image Formats."

As a result, the images will be added to a new FineReader document or saved in a folder of your choice.

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