PDF 문서를 OCR 편집기로 전송

The PDF Editor allows you to send PDF documents to the OCR Editor, where you can draw recognition areas, check recognized text, train the program to recognize non-standard fonts and characters, and use other advanced features offered by ABBYY FineReader.

  • To send a PDF document to the OCR Editor, click the arrow next to the 클릭하세요 OCR 편집기에서 인식 및 인증.
  • To send only some of the pages of the document to the OCR Editor, in the 페이지 pane, select the pages that you want to send, right-click them and click OCR 편집기로 선택한 페이지 전송 바로가기 메뉴에서 클릭하십시오.

When sending the document to the OCR Editor, some of these document objects will be lost:

  • attachments
  • bookmarks
  • 코멘트
  • annotations

Once you are done working with the document in the OCR Editor, you can send it back to the PDF Editor. To do this, click the arrow next to the 클릭하세요 PDF 편집기 보내기. 또는, 다음을 클릭: 파일 > 보내기 대상 > PDF 편집기....

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