Toolbar Object (IToolbar Interface)

The Toolbar object represents a toolbar of a Visual Component.

The following Visual Components have a toolbar: ImageViewer, TextEditor, DocumentViewer. See the list of available commands and the commands which can be used in the toolbar:


  • The indexing of ABBYY FineReader Engine collections starts with 0.
  • The foreach statement in C# (for each in Visual Basic .NET) can be used to manipulate the collection.


Name Type Description
Count int, read-only Retrieves the number of elements in the toolbar. The elements are buttons and separators.
Element MenuItemEnum, read-only Returns the identifier of the toolbar element with the specified index.


Name Description
Delete Removes the specified button or separator from the toolbar.
DeleteAll Removes all elements from the toolbar.
DeleteAt Removes the element with the specified position from the toolbar.
Has Allows you to find out whether the toolbar contains a button for the specified command.
InsertAt Inserts the specified button or separator into the specified position in the toolbar.
Item Returns the MenuItemEnum constant corresponding to the toolbar element with the specified position.

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