The ScaleTypes constants are used to denote possible scale types. They can be used as the value of the ViewScale property of the ImageViewer, ZoomViewer, or TextEditor object.

module ScaleTypes
 const int ST_FitToWidth = -1;
 const int ST_FitToHeight = -2;
 const int ST_BestFit = -3;
 const int ST_PixelToPixel = -4;


Flag name Description
ST_FitToWidth Fits a page to width.
ST_FitToHeight Fits a page to height. This constant is not available for Zoom Viewer.
ST_BestFit Automatically selects the best fit. This constant is not available for Zoom Viewer.
ST_PixelToPixel Shows an image in the pixel-to-pixel mode. This constant is only available for Zoom Viewer.

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