OnAfterDblClick Method of the IZoomViewerEvents Interface

This method is implemented on the client-side. It is called by ABBYY FineReader Engine after a position in a recognized block has been double-clicked in Zoom Viewer.

The method delivers to the client the index of the double-clicked block and the coordinates of the point in it.



HRESULT OnAfterDblClick(
  int BlockIndex,
  int X,
  int Y


void OnAfterDblClick(
  int BlockIndex,
  int X,
  int Y

Visual Basic .NET

Sub OnAfterDblClick( _
  BlockIndex As Integer, _
  X As Integer, _
  Y As Integer _


[in] Specifies the index of the block which has been double-clicked. The index is in the ILayout::VisualBlocks collection.
[in] Specifies the horizontal coordinate of the mouse pointer in screen coordinates.
[in] Specifies the vertical coordinate of the mouse pointer in screen coordinates.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.


The client implementation of this method must assure that all exceptions thrown inside the method are caught and handled and no exceptions are propagated outside the method. Propagation of an exception outside the method may lead to unpredictable results (such as program termination).

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