ITextValidatorEvents Interface

This is a callback interface that is used for reporting events from the TextValidator object to the listeners. This interface is implemented on the client-side. See the detailed implementation advice for your development tool in Working with Connectable Objects.

This interface is derived from IInputEvents interface and inherits its methods. The mouse and keyboard input events of Text Validator are, in fact, events of Text Editor built into Text Validator. They are used to monitor user input in Text Validator and, if necessary, respond to it. Note that the input events of Text Validator which has been opened using the Check Spelling button of Text Editor, are translated to Text Editor (not to Text Validator).

An object receiving notifications through this interface's methods may do the following inside the methods' implementation:

  • Report information on spell checking and cancel some editing operations.
  • Process any Windows messages, which is useful in applications having user interface, to avoid the effect that the application "is not responding" during long operations.
  • Report information about mouse moving and clicking, key pressing, symbols selection.


Name Description
OnActivePageChanged Called after the active page has been changed in Text Validator. Delivers to the client a reference to the new active page.
OnDocumentChanged Called after the active document has been changed in Text Validator. Delivers to the client a reference to the new document.
OnOptionsChanged Called after an option have been changed in Text Validator. Options are specified in the Options dialog box (in Text Validator click Settings > Options).
OnSelectionChanged Called after text selection has been changed in Text Validator. Delivers to the client the cursor position of the beginning of the selection and the length of the selection.
OnSpellingCompleted Called after spell checking has been completed in Text Validator.
OnSymbolSelected Called after a symbol has been selected in Text Validator. Delivers to the client information on the surrounding rectangle of the symbol.
OnValidationEvent Called when Text Validator finds an error during spell checking. Allows the client to select the operation which should be performed on the error: ignore, replace, or add uncertainly recognized word to the dictionary.

See also

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