ComponentSynchronizer Object (IComponentSynchronizer Interface)

The ComponentSynchronizer object allows you to synchronize document processing in different components. This means that all operations will be performed synchronously in all connected Visual Components.

Component Synchronizer does not have a user interface. It does not use any internal features of the Visual Components, it uses only the COM API of the components. To know how the Synchronizer works in this or that situation, see How Component Synchronizer Works.

The information about synchronization is reported through special outgoing interfaces. These interfaces are IComponentSynchronizerEvents (for C++) and a dispinterface DIComponentSynchronizerEvents (for Visual Basic).

It's worth noting that Visual Basic users should not care for details of event interfaces implementation as this development platform provides easy means for handling them. This object may be declared WithEvents in Visual Basic.

For C++ user this fact means that it supports the IConnectionPointContainer interface. To receive notification events, a C++ user should create an object derived from the IComponentSynchronizerEvents interface, then set up the connection between it and events source implemented in ComponentSynchronizer object by standard COM means.

Note: We recommend that you release Component Synchronizer before Engine deinitialization.


Name Type Description
Document FRDocument Specifies the document connected to Component Synchronizer.
DocumentViewer DocumentViewer Specifies Document Viewer connected to Component Synchronizer.
ImageViewer ImageViewer Specifies Image Viewer connected to Component Synchronizer.
PageIndex int Specifies the index of the active page in the document.
ProcessingParams DocumentProcessingParams Stores the default processing parameters for the document. If you change the processing parameters via this property, the ProcessingParams properties of the attached Document Viewer, Image Viewer, and Zoom Viewer are set to the same values; the SynthesisParamsForDocument property of the attached Text Editor and Text Validator are set to IDocumentProcessingParams::SynthesisParamsForDocument value.
TextEditor TextEditor Specifies Text Editor connected to Component Synchronizer.
TextValidator TextValidator Specifies Text Validator connected to Component Synchronizer.
ZoomViewer ZoomViewer Specifies Zoom Viewer connected to Component Synchronizer.


This component is used in the following code samples: VisualComponents.

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