Special Predefined Languages in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Here is the list of internal names of the special predefined languages that are supported in ABBYY FineReader Engine. These languages contain special language units: addresses, date and time, human names, etc. The special predefined languages can be used for field recognition. Availability of this or that language for handprint recognition depends on the availability of the corresponding ABBYY FineReader Engine files. See the Installation section to know which recognition languages correspond to which ABBYY FineReader Engine files.


Internal name Description
Arabic_Date Date (Arabic)
Arabic_Amount Amount (Arabic), e.g., "1000", "SAR", "ريال سعودي"
Bulgarian_Address Address (Bulgarian)
Bulgarian_Address_City City, village, settlement (Bulgarian), e.g., "Алеко-Константиново", "Сопот", "Старо село"
Bulgarian_Address_Country Country (Bulgarian), e.g., "Аржентина", "Обединени Арабски Емирства", "Сан-Марино", "Кокосови Острови"
Bulgarian_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Bulgarian), e.g., "Тел. +359 123 456 789", "00359123456789", "Факс:123-456-789"
Bulgarian_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (Bulgarian), e.g., "Тел.", "Факс", "дом."
Bulgarian_Address_Region Region (Bulgarian), e.g., "Монтана", "Стара Загора"
Bulgarian_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Bulgarian), e.g., 3500, 6000, 6155
Bulgarian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Bulgarian) e.g., "3.40 лев", "340 лв"
Bulgarian_Currency_ByWords Currency in words (Bulgarian), e.g., "осемдесет хиляди четиристотин и дванадесет лева и деветдесет и пет стотинки", "нула лева и шестдесет стотинки"
Bulgarian_Currency_Names Currency name (Bulgarian), e.g., "лев", "лв", "ст"
Bulgarian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Bulgarian), e.g., "Декември", "Дек"
Bulgarian_HumanProperName Full name (Bulgarian), e.g., "Йордан Йовков", "Вангелия Пандева Гуштерова"
Bulgarian_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Bulgarian), e.g., "А.", "А"
Bulgarian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Bulgarian), e.g., "Агна", "Агнеса", "Агнесия", "Юра", "Юрий", "Юрка"
Bulgarian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Bulgarian), e.g., "Иванов", "Иванова"
Bulgarian_Number Number (Bulgarian), e.g., 80412, "осемдесет хиляди четиристотин и дванадесет"
Bulgarian_Number_ByWords Number spelled out (Bulgarian), e.g., "осемдесет хиляди четиристотин и дванадесет"
Croatian_Address Address (Croatian)
Croatian_Address_City City (Croatian), e.g., "GRAD ZAGREB", "ZAGREB", "OSIJEK"
Croatian_Address_Country Country (Croatian), e.g., "Hrvatska", "Francuska Republika"
Croatian_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Croatian), e.g., "Tel. 091 123 4567", "+385-1-2345678"
Croatian_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (Croatian), e.g., "Tel.", "Mobile"
Croatian_Address_Region Region (Croatian)
Croatian_Address_Street Street (Croatian), e.g., "Ljubljanska avenija", "Ljubljanska av."
Croatian_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Croatian), e.g., 10000, 31000, 31512
Croatian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Croatian), e.g., "100 kn", "1200 kune"
Croatian_Currency_Names Currency name (Croatian), e.g., "kuna", "lipa"
Croatian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Croatian), e.g., "Prosinac", "Decembar"
Croatian_HumanProperName Full name (Croatian), e.g., "Vladimir Prelog", "Mira Furlan"
Croatian_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Croatian), e.g., "А.", "А"
Croatian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Croatian), e.g., "Vladimir", "Mira"
Croatian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Croatian), e.g., "Prelog", "Furlan"
Croatian_Number_ByWords Number spelled out (Croatian), e.g., "dvadeset i jedan"
Czech_Address Address (Czech)
Czech_Address_City City, village, settlement (Czech), e.g., "Praha"
Czech_Address_CityDistricts City district (Czech), e.g., "Stare Mesto", "Butovice"
Czech_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Czech), e.g., "Tel. 5-12345678", "420-5-12345678", "(+420)5 12345678", "Mobile: 602 123456"
Czech_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (Czech), e.g., "Tel.", "Mobile"
Czech_Address_Street Street (Czech), e.g., "Dvorakovo Nabrezi", "Celetna"
Czech_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Czech), e.g., 190 00, 75361
Czech_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Czech)
Czech_Currency_Names Currency name (Czech), e.g., "Kc", "korun"
Czech_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Czech), e.g., "prosinec"
Czech_DateTime_WeekDayByWords Day of week spelled out (Czech), e.g., "sobota"
Czech_HumanProperName Full name (Czech), e.g., "Milan Kundera", "Karel Zeman", "Petra Kvapilova"
Czech_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Czech), e.g., "А.", "А"
Czech_HumanProperName_Name Name (Czech), e.g., "Milan", "Karel", "Petra"
Czech_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Czech), e.g., "Kundera", "Zeman", "Kvapilova"
English_Address Address (English)
English_Address_Abbreviation Abbreviation (English), e.g., "ave", "Rd", "BLVD"
English_Address_CityOfWorld City in the world (English), e.g., "Moscow", "Paris", "Plymouth"
English_Address_Country Country (English), e.g., "Armenia", "Brazil", "UK", "United Kingdom", "England"
English_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (English), e.g., "Mob. +44(0)7123 456 789", "Tel: 01234-567890", "1(123)123-4567", "Fax: +1 123 123 4567"
English_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (English), e.g., "Mob.", "Tel"
English_Address_ZipCode Zip code (English), e.g., 01234, "A0B1C2"
English_Canada_Address_ZipCode Canadian zip code (English), e.g., "A0B1C2"
English_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (English), e.g., "Jan", "January"
English_HumanProperName Full name (English), e.g., "Mr. John Smith Jr", "Norman McCoy", "Mary Smith-Jones"
English_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (English), e.g., "A."
English_HumanProperName_Name Name (English), e.g., "John", "Norman", "Mary"
English_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (English), e.g., "Smith", "McCoy", "Smith-Jones"
English_Number Number (English), e.g., 24, 1001, "twenty-four", "One thousand and one"
English_Number_ByWords Number spelled out (English), e.g., "twenty-four", "One thousand and one"
English_UK_Address_City City, village, settlement (English, United Kingdom), e.g., "London", "Greater London", "Plymouth"
English_UK_Address_Region Region (English, United Kingdom), e.g., "Gloucestershire", "West Sussex", "Isle of Wight"
English_UK_Address_Zipcode Zip code (English, United Kingdom), e.g., "WC1 1AA", "BS12BB"
English_UK_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (English, United Kingdom), e.g., "GBP 19.95", "100 Pounds", "99 p"
English_UK_Currency_Names Currency name (English, United Kingdom), e.g., "GBP", "Pounds", "p"
English_US_Address Address (English, United States), e.g., "PO Box 99 Independence str. #57 2nd Flr"
English_US_Address_City City, village, settlement (English, United States), e.g., "New York", "Los Angeles", "St. Petersburg", "St. Pete"
English_US_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (English, United States).
English_US_Address_State State (English, United States), e.g., "WA", "Washington"
English_US_Address_Street Street (English, United States), e.g., "Fifth Avenue", "Wall st", "Times Square"
English_US_Address_ZipCode Zip code (English, United States), e.g., 01234
English_US_Currency_Abbreviation Currency abbreviation (English, United States), e.g., "USD", "Dollars", "d"
English_US_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (English, United States), e.g., "19.95 USD", "100 Dollars", "99 c"
English_US_Currency_ByWords Currency in words (English, United States), e.g., "Nineteen dollars ninety-five cents", "One hundred dollars", "ninety nine cents"
English_US_WellKnownCode_EIN Employer Identification Number (English, United States).
English_US_WellKnownCode_SSN Social security number (English, United States), e.g., 078-05-1120
French_Address Address (French)
French_Address_City City, village, settlement (French), e.g., "Paris", "Cannes", "Saint-Denis"
French_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (French), e.g., "Tel: 08 12 34 56 78", "+33(1) 12 34 56 78"
French_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (French), e.g., "Tel", "Fax"
French_Address_ZipCode Zip code (French), e.g., 01234
French_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (French), e.g., "EUR 19.95", "100 euro", "99 c"
French_Currency_Names Currency name (French), e.g., "EUR", "euro", "c"
French_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (French), e.g., "janvier", "janv."
French_HumanProperName Full name (French)
French_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (French), e.g., "A."
French_HumanProperName_Name Name (French)
French_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (French)
German_Abbreviation Abbreviation (German), e.g., "GmbH", "BASF", "BverwG"
German_Address Address (German)
German_Address_City City, village, settlement (German), e.g., "Berlin", "Prenzlauer Berg", "Prien Am Chiemsee"
German_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (German), e.g., "Tel: (089)123-45678", "+49 30 12345678"
German_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (German), e.g., "Tel", "Fax"
German_Address_Region Region (German), e.g., "Baden-Wuerttemberg", "Berlin"
German_Address_Street Street (German), e.g., "Alexanderplatz", "Alexander Platz"
German_Address_ZipCode Zip code (German), e.g., 01234
German_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (German), e.g., "EUR 19.95", "100 euro", "99 c"
German_Currency_Names Currency name (German), e.g., "EUR", "euro", "c"
German_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (German), e.g., "Januar", "Jan."
German_Firms Firm name (German), e.g., "Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst", "DAAD"
German_HumanProperName Full name (German), e.g., "Werner Herzog", "Marie Magdalene Dietrich"
German_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (German), e.g., "A."
German_HumanProperName_Name Name (German), e.g., "Werner", "Marie", "Magdalene"
German_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (German), e.g., "Herzog", "Dietrich"
Greek_Address Address (Greek)
Greek_Address_City City, village, settlement (Greek)
Greek_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Greek)
Greek_Address_PhonePrefixes Phone prefix (Greek)
Greek_Address_Region Region (Greek)
Greek_Address_Street Street (Greek)
Greek_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Greek)
Greek_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Greek), e.g., "EUR 19.95", "100 euro", "99 c"
Greek_Currency_Names Currency name (Greek), e.g., "EUR", "euro", "c"
Greek_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Greek)
Greek_HumanProperName Full name (Greek)
Greek_HumanProperName_Name Name (Greek)
Greek_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Greek)
Hungarian_Address Address (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_City City, village, settlement (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_Country Country (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_PhonePrefix Phone prefix (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_Street Street (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Currency_Names Currency name (Hungarian)
Hungarian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Hungarian)
Hungarian_HumanProperName Full name (Hungarian)
Hungarian_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Hungarian)
Hungarian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Hungarian)
Hungarian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Hungarian)
Hungarian_Number_ByWords Number spelled out (Hungarian)
Italian_Address Address (Italian)
Italian_Address_City City, village, settlement (Italian)
Italian_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Italian)
Italian_Address_PhonePrefix Phone prefix (Italian)
Italian_Address_Street Street (Italian)
Italian_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Italian)
Italian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Italian)
Italian_Currency_Names Currency name (Italian)
Italian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Italian)
Italian_HumanProperName Full name (Italian)
Italian_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Italian)
Italian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Italian)
Italian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Italian)
Japanese_Date Date (Japanese)
Neutral_Address_Email E-mail address, e.g., "support@abbyy.com"
Neutral_Address_TopLevelDomain Top level domain, e.g., "com", "net", "ru"
Neutral_ArabicIndianDigits Arabic numerals
Neutral_Currency_Abbreviation Currency abbreviation, e.g., "EUR", "USD", "RUR"
Neutral_Currency_International Currency, e.g., "EUR 19.95", "100 Dollars", "99 c"
Neutral_Currency_Prefixes Currency prefix, e.g., "EUR", "USD"
Neutral_Currency_Suffixes Currency suffix, e.g., "p", "c"
Neutral_DateTime Date, e.g., 31:12:99, 31:12:1999, 12.31.99, 12.31.1999
Neutral_DateTime_DayByDigits Day, e.g., 1, 01
Neutral_DateTime_DD_MM_YY Date in the format: <day>.<month>.<year (2 digits)>, e.g., 31:12:99
Neutral_DateTime_DD_MM_YYYY Date in the format: <day>.<month>.<year (4 digits)>, e.g., 31:12:1999
Neutral_DateTime_MM_DD_YY Date in the format: <month>.<day>.<year (2 digits)>, e.g., 12.31.99
Neutral_DateTime_MM_DD_YYYY Date in the format: <month>.<day>.<year (4 digits)>, e.g., 12.31.1999
Neutral_DateTime_MonthByDigits Month, e.g., 1, 01
Neutral_DateTime_YearByDigits Year, e.g., 08, 2008
Neutral_Number_Integer Integer, e.g., 19, 1995
Neutral_Number_Real Decimal number, e.g., 19.95
Neutral_Number_Roman Roman numeral, e.g., VIII, IX
Neutral_Number_TwoDigits Two-figure number, e.g., 01, 19
Neutral_Number_UnsignedInteger Unsigned integer, e.g., 19, 1995
Neutral_Time_12_24hours Time, e.g., "11:59 am", "23:59"
Neutral_Time_12hours Time in 12 hours format, e.g., "11:59 am"
Neutral_Time_24hours Time in 24 hours format, e.g., "23:59"
Neutral_WellKnownCode_ISBN International Standard Book Number, e.g., 5-02-028169-7, 5-9900114-1-5
Polish_Abbreviation Abbreviation (Polish)
Polish_Address Address (Polish)
Polish_Address_City City, village, settlement (Polish)
Polish_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Polish)
Polish_Address_PhonePrefix Phone prefix (Polish)
Polish_Address_Streets Streets (Polish)
Polish_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Polish)
Polish_Currency Currency (Polish)
Polish_Currency_Local Local currency (Polish)
Polish_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Polish)
Polish_Firm Firm name (Polish)
Polish_HumanProperName Full name (Polish)
Polish_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Polish)
Polish_HumanProperName_Name Name (Polish)
Polish_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Polish)
Russian_Address Full address (Russian), e.g., "141069 Моск.Обл., г.Королев, мкрн.Первомайский, ул.Речная, д.4, кв.114"
Russian_Address_City City, village, settlement (Russian), e.g., "г.Москва", "д. Сосновка", "Петропавловск-Камчатский", "Арзамас-16"
Russian_Address_Country Country (Russian), e.g., "Россия", "Российская Федерация", "Великобритания", "Англия"
Russian_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Russian), e.g., "Тел: (495)123-45-67", "Моб. 8-903-1234567", "Моб. (903)1234567"
Russian_Address_Region Region (Russian), e.g., "Моск.Обл.", "Самарская Обл.", "Кабардино-Балкарская Республика", "Кабардино-Балкария"
Russian_Address_Street Street (Russian), e.g., "ул. Покровка", "Пречистенская наб.", "Невский пр."
Russian_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Russian), e.g., 141069
Russian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Russian), e.g., "19 р. 95 к.", "100 руб."
Russian_Currency_Names Currency name (Russian), e.g., "рублей", "руб."
Russian_DateTime_Month Month (Russian), e.g., 1, 01, "янв.", "январь", "января"
Russian_DateTime_MonthByRomanDigits Month in Roman numerals (Russian), e.g., VII, IX
Russian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Russian), e.g., "янв.", "январь", "января"
Russian_DateTime_YearByWords Year spelled out (Russian), e.g., "г.", "года"
Russian_HumanProperName Full name (Russian), e.g., "Пушкин Александр Сергеевич", "Лидия Николаевна Федосеева-Шукшина"
Russian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Russian), e.g., "Александр", "Саша", "Лидия", "Лида"
Russian_HumanProperName_Patronymic Patronymic (Russian), e.g., "Сергеевич", "Николаевна"
Russian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Russian), e.g., "Пушкин", "Федосеева-Шукшина"
Russian_Number Number (Russian)
Russian_WellKnownCode_BIC Bank investment contract (Russian), e.g., 044585000
Russian_WellKnownCode_INN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (Russian), e.g., 500100732259
Russian_WellKnownCode_Passport Passport number (Russian), e.g., 12 34 123456
Serbian_Cyrillic_Address_District District (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_Address_Municipalities Municipalities (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_Address_Streets Streets (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_Address_Towns Towns (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_HumanProperName_Name Name (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Cyrillic_Industry Industry (Serbian, Cyrillic script)
Serbian_Latin_Address_District District (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_Address_Municipalities Municipalities (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_Address_Streets Streets (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_Address_Towns Towns (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_HumanProperName_Name Name (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Serbian)
Serbian_Latin_Industry Industry (Serbian)
Slovak_AcademicDegree Academic degree (Slovak)
Slovak_Activity Activity (Slovak)
Slovak_Address Address (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_City City, village, settlement (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_Country Country (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_PhoneNumber Phone number (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_PhonePrefix Phone prefix (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_Region Region (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_Street Street (Slovak)
Slovak_Address_ZipCode Zip code (Slovak)
Slovak_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Slovak)
Slovak_Currency_Names Currency name (Slovak)
Slovak_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Slovak)
Slovak_DateTime_WeekDay Day of week (Slovak)
Slovak_Firm Firm name (Slovak)
Slovak_HumanProperName Full name (Slovak)
Slovak_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Slovak)
Slovak_HumanProperName_Name Name (Slovak)
Slovak_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Slovak)
Slovak_TaxOffice Tax office (Slovak)
Spanish_HumanProperName_Name Name (Spanish)
Ukrainian_Address Address (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_Abbreviation Address abbreviation (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_City City, village, settlement (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_District District (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_KievStreet Street in Kiev (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_Region Region (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Address_ZIPcode Zip code (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Currency_ByDigits Currency in numerals (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_Currency_Names Currency name (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_DateTime Date (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_DateTime_MonthByWords Month spelled out (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_HumanProperName Full name (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_HumanProperName_Initial Initial (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_HumanProperName_Name Name (Ukrainian)
Ukrainian_HumanProperName_Surname Surname (Ukrainian)

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