Methods which Increase the License Counter

An ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 license allows you to process a certain number of pages or characters per period (for example, per month). This means that you can process no more pages/characters than is allowed by your license. You can view the amount of pages/characters you can process in License Manager or using the properties of the License object (ILicense::Volume, ILicense::VolumeRefreshingPeriod, ILicense::VolumeRemaining).

If your license limits the processing volume in pages, the counter of pages is incremented by 1 when processing an A4 page or smaller. When processing a page which is n times larger than A4, the counter of pages will be incremented by n. However, re-recognition of the same page (represented by the same ImageDocument object) does not increase the pages counter.

If your license limits the processing volume in characters, the counter of characters is increased only when you use one of the methods which performs recognition. The total number of recognized characters is calculated, and the counter is increased by that number.

The list of ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 methods which increase the license counter is provided below.

Object Method Increases the page counter Increases the character counter
BatchProcessor GetNextProcessedPage + +
ClassificationEngine CreateObjectFromDocument *
CreateObjectFromPage *
Engine InjectTextLayer + +
RecognizeImageFile + +
FRDocument Analyze +
AnalyzePages +
Process + +
ProcessPages + +
Recognize + +
RecognizePages + +
FRPage Analyze +
AnalyzeRegion +
AnalyzeTable +
ExtractBarcodes + +
ExtractMrz + +
PreprocessAnalyzeRecognize + +
Recognize + +
RecognizeBlocks + +

Note: The license counter is increased when creating a classification object from a document or page which has not been recognized before. If the document or page has been recognized, the license counter has been already increased at that time.

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