Recognizing Words with Spaces

ABBYY FineReader Engine allows you to add words with spaces to a dictionary. This feature can be very useful for checking words like "New York." We recommend using a dictionary for words with spaces during field-level recognition when you can recognize the fields (small image chunks which contain short text fragments) using some specific information about the kind of data they can contain. The "New York" word, for example, may be useful if you are recognizing addresses.

To recognize words with spaces, do the following:

  1. Add the "space" character to the alphabet of the current language.
  2. Add the necessary words with spaces to the dictionary.
  3. Set the OneWordPerLine property of the RecognizerParams object to TRUE.

Below is a detailed description of this operation:

  1. Create a new text language on the basis of a predefined language. To do this, create a TextLanguage object using the CreateTextLanguage method of the LanguageDatabase object and copy the attributes of the predefined language.
  2. Add the "space" character to the BaseLanguage object within the TextLanguage object, using the LetterSet property of the BaseLanguage object.
  3. Create a new dictionary and add all the necessary words with spaces to this dictionary. You can use the Dictionary object to do this.
  4. Create a UserDictionaryDescription object. Assign the path to the new dictionary to the FileName property of this object.
  5. Add the UserDictionaryDescription object to the DictionaryDescriptions collection of the BaseLanguage object.
  6. In the RecognizerParams object of all text blocks, assign the previously created TextLanguage object to the TextLanguage property and the TRUE value to the OneWordPerLine property.

Below you can see a sample in which the "space" character has been added to the alphabet of the English language, and the word "New York" has been added to the dictionary.

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