Basic Usage Scenarios Implementation

This section describes the most common scenarios in which ABBYY FineReader Engine may be used. Each article contains a detailed description of the scenario, implementation advice, and suggestions on optimizing the code for specific tasks.

Select the scenario appropriate for your task:

Suitable for converting documents into an editable format.

Suitable for processing paper documents for electronic archives.

Suitable for processing books, magazines, and newspapers for electronic libraries.

Suitable for extracting entire text from documents to make them searchable and to extract useful data.

Suitable for recognition of small text fragments to capture data from document fields.

Suitable for reading barcodes.

Suitable for converting business cards to electronic format.

Suitable for extracting the data from a machine-readable zone and exporting it to electronic format.

Suitable for assigning documents to one of the user-defined categories, using a pretrained database.

Suitable for preparing images for further processing or for improving their visual quality.

Suitable for getting images from a scanner and their subsequent processing.

Suitable for comparing documents or pages to find mistakes and intentionally made changes.

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