Recognizing Handprinted Texts

ABBYY FineReader Engine includes ABBYY FineReader ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology which allows you to recognize handprinted texts.


  • Not all recognition languages are available for handprint recognition. The languages which are available for handprint recognition are marked with a special comment in the List of predefined languages.
  • In order to recognize handprinted texts, your license must support the ICR module. For recognition of Cyrillic handprinted texts, your license must additionally support the Cyrillic ICR module.
  • The character set supported for handprinted recognition is limited. Symbols such as * ^ ™ © ® № § ¡ ¿ ‰ cannot be recognized, and if you specifically add them to the letter set of your recognition language, an error will be returned.

You need to set up certain recognition parameters which tell ABBYY FineReader Engine that the text to be recognized is handprinted. This should be done for all blocks which are to be recognized as handprinted.

Note: Automatic layout analysis is not available for handprinted text. The coordinates of the blocks that contain handprinted text must be specified manually. See Working with Layout and Blocks for details.

For each block with handprinted characters, you need to specify recognition parameters via the ITextBlock::RecognizerParams property:

  1. Set the TextTypes property of the RecognizerParams object to TT_Handprinted.
  2. [Optional] Handprinted letters can often be enclosed in a frame, box, etc. In this case, set up the type of marking around the letters in the FieldMarkingType property of the RecognizerParams object. If each letter is written in a separate cell, use the CellsCount property to set up the number of character cells in the recognized block.


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