Tuning Export Parameters

During export, recognized documents are saved in files in suitable formats. ABBYY FineReader Engine has a group of objects which provide tools for tuning different export parameters. Pointers to these objects can be passed to the export methods as input parameters and thus affect the results of the export. The following FineReader Engine objects provide export methods: FRDocument and FRPage.

For supported external formats, there are corresponding export parameter objects. These are:

Export processes can also be tuned using profiles. See Working with Profiles for details.

Export of business cards to vCard format is available via the IBusinessCard::ExportToVCard method.

The export procedure

A step-by-step procedure that uses objects of this group should look like this:

  1. Create an export parameter object that corresponds to the external format in which you are going to save your text. Use the corresponding creation method of the Engine object.
  2. Set up the necessary properties of the object you created. You do not need to set up all the properties of the export parameter object, as on creation, they are initialized with reasonable defaults. You only have to tune up those of the properties that you want to have values other than default ones.
  3. Pass it to one of the export methods of the FRDocument or FRPage objects together with a suitable FileExportFormatEnum constant.

Sample code that uses the RTFExportParams object:

C# code

Export to PDF and PDF/A formats

ABBYY FineReader Engine allows you to tune export to PDF and PDF/A formats in an even more convenient way. It provides the PDFExportParams object, which allows you to tune export with only a few parameters. For example, using only one IPDFExportParams::Scenario property, you can optimize your PDF for quality and size.

The procedure which uses the PDFExportParams object is as follows:

  1. Create a PDFExportParams object using the CreatePDFExportParams method of the Engine object.
  2. Set the necessary parameters of the PDFExportParams object:
    • the scenario of export, which optimizes export for some parameters: quality, size of the file, or/and speed of export (the Scenario property)
    • the format of export: PDF, PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b, or PDF/A-3u (the PDFAComplianceMode property)
    • the mode of recognized text export: text and pictures only, text over the page image, text under the page image, page image only (the TextExportMode property)
    • set other parameters, if necessary
  3. Pass the FEF_PDF constant and the object of export parameters to one of the export methods of the FRDocument or FRPage objects.

Sample code that uses the PDFExportParams object:

C# code

Similar procedure is used in the following code samples: Hello, CommandLineInterface; and demo tools: BatchProcessingRecognition, MultiProcessingRecognition, PDFExportProfiles.

See also

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