Working with Connectable Objects

Some of the objects in ABBYY FineReader Engine are so-called "connectable objects." This means that they implement the IConnectionPointContainer interface. Connectable objects support communication between ABBYY FineReader Engine and its clients.

Each of the ABBYY FineReader Engine connectable objects provides connection points of two types — one that uses a dispatch interface and one that uses the interface derived from IUnknown. The dispatch interface is designed for automatic use in Visual Basic and similar environments, while the vtbl-based interface is suitable for use in C++.

In the table below, you can find the list of connectable objects in ABBYY FineReader Engine and corresponding callback interfaces (dispinterfaces):

Object Callback Interface (Dispinterface)
FRDocument IFRDocumentEvents (DIFRDocumentEvents)
FRPages IFRPagesEvents (DIFRPagesEvents)
FRPage IFRPageEvents (DIFRPageEvents)
ImageDocument IImageDocumentEvents (DIImageDocumentEvents)

Visual Components

Object Callback Interface (Dispinterface)
ImageViewer IImageViewerEvents (DIImageViewerEvents)
ZoomViewer IZoomViewerEvents (DIZoomViewerEvents)
DocumentViewer IDocumentViewerEvents (DIDocumentViewerEvents)
TextEditor ITextEditorEvents (DITextEditorEvents)
TextValidator ITextValidatorEvents (DITextValidatorEvents)
ComponentSynchronizer IComponentSynchronizerEvents (DIComponentSynchronizerEvents)
Commands ICommandEvents (DICommandEvents)

ABBYY FineReader Engine client application that wants to receive notifications of certain events in ABBYY FineReader Engine should implement interfaces of a specific type and "advise" the objects implementing these interfaces to the corresponding connectable objects.

See details for your development tool below.

Visual Basic .NET



Refer to documentation on COM for a more detailed description of connectable objects.

You can also refer to the EventsHandling sample provided for C#, C++ with the Native COM Support, raw C++, Visual Basic .NET.

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