Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing and distribution

Is there a special installation program for distribution ABBYY FineReader Engine on a workstation?

What license is required for compiling an application?

What license is required for activating ABBYY FineReader Engine on a workstation?

What ABBYY FineReader Engine files should be copied on a workstation?

Is it necessary to have write or even full control permissions to a folder with the Licensing Service executable for 'Everyone' group?

Which folders should be accessible from the workstation?

The application is run on a workstation with an activated Runtime License. The message saying "ABBYY FineReader Engine is not licensed" is displayed. What should I do?

My license supports barcode recognition. Why cannot I use processing methods?

My license supports barcode recognition and/or optical mark recognition (OMR). Why cannot I use processing methods?

What should I do if I want to run ABBYY FineReader Engine inside a Docker container?

How can I run my application in Azure Services?

Image-related questions

How can I remove background noise from each block separately?

What is the difference between various methods of changing the image resolution?

I am working with a screenshot image. Are there any special recommendations for screenshot processing?

Using the Engine object

What should I do if I have got problems creating the Engine object in C# .NET?

What should I do if the Engine object cannot be deinitialized in Delphi?

How to work with read-only object properties?

Is it possible to run and use Engine object in several threads?

Is it possible to create and run the Engine object on a multi-processor system?

What should I do if the "Engine deinitialization failed" exception is thrown during deinitialization of the Engine object?

How can I create a log file to keep track of all errors, warnings and method calls of ABBYY FineReader Engine?

Do I need to register FREngine.dll?

Recognition-related questions

What recognition language is used by default?

How can I improve the quality of recognition of blocks which contain different types of text?

How can I quickly obtain the information about document structure?

Why italic fonts and superscript or subscript are not recognized by autodetection?

What is the difference between the CharConfidence and the IsSuspicious properties?

Why cannot I receive recognized words in paragraphs and recognition variants for the words and characters?

How can I increase the speed of processing with ABBYY FineReader Engine?

I’m processing documents which contain hundreds of pages, how can I speed up the operation?

How can I effectively recognize tables without designated borders?

Where are the scan log files located?

How to change scanning settings?

Which PDF versions can recognized text be exported to?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the ABBYY Technical Support.

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