XMLCharAttributesEnum enumeration constants are used to describe groups of character attributes to be written in files in XML format.

typedef enum {
} XMLCharAttributesEnum;


Name Description

Character coordinates and character confidence are to be written. Exactly the same format is used by IPlainText::SaveToAsciiXMLFile method.

Note: Block coordinates are not to be written in this case.

XCA_Basic Character and block coordinates are to be written.

Character and block coordinates, character confidence and extended character attributes are to be written. The following extended attributes are written:

  • whether the character is the first character in a word,
  • whether the word is found in the dictionary,
  • whether the word is recognized with either a standard or user-defined language, and that it is not a number or an identifier,
  • whether the word is a number,
  • whether the word is an identifier,
  • probability that a character is written with a Serif font,
  • penalty for discordance of characters in a word,
  • the mean width of stroke in the RLE representation of a word image.
XCA_None No character attributes are to be written.

Used in


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