WordRecognitionVariant Object (IWordRecognitionVariant Interface)

This object represents a variant of a word recognition. It is an element of WordRecognitionVariants collection.

Important! The Voting API is not available for handprinted texts recognition.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
IsWordFromDictionary VARIANT_BOOL, read-only Specifies whether the word is found in the dictionary.
MeanStrokeWidth double, read-only Returns the mean width of stroke in the RLE representation of a word image, expressed in pixels.
ModelType WordModelTypeEnum, read-only Returns the type of model used while composing the word.
Text BSTR, read-only

Returns the word.

Note: In contrast with the IParagraph::Text property, if the paragraph has right-to-left writing direction (like for Hebrew), a recognition variant is a string which contains characters of the word from left to right. For example, the Hebrew word will be returned as the string "".

WordConfidence int, read-only

Stores the value of recognition confidence of the word variant. It is calculated using different bonuses (e.g., for a word from dictionary, for used word model) and penalties (e.g., for recognition quality). It represents an estimate of probability that this word variant is correct. The value makes sense only when different recognition variants of one word are compared.

Note: To calculate confidence more accurately, set the IRecognizerParams::ExactConfidenceCalculation property to TRUE.


Name Description
GetCharParams Provides access to parameters of a single character.

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Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method of the WordRecognitionVariants object.

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