Word Object (IWord Interface)

This object represents a word. It is an element of the collection of words (Words object).

Please note that the word which this object represents is an internal entity. It is not guaranteed to coincide with the word as understood in the natural language, with the word as defined by regular expression, or with the sequence of characters which is separated from other words by spaces. The main purpose of the Word object is to provide recognition variants for the word. If you need to work with the recognized text, use properties of other objects (e.g., IParagraph::Text).

The above is especially true if the text is written in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean — the "words" in those languages are separated purely for technical purposes and will not match the actual words.

Important! The Voting API is not available for handprinted texts recognition.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
FirstSymbolPosition int, read-only Returns the index of the first character in the word. The index is the character position in the paragraph, it may be in the range of 0 to the value of the IParagraph::Length property minus 1.
IsWordFromDictionary VARIANT_BOOL, read-only Specifies whether the word was found in the dictionary.
ModelType WordModelTypeEnum, read-only

Returns the type of model applied while separating the word.

Note: When recognizing a document, the applying of model type depends on the selected mode of document contents reusing (see details in SourceContentReuseModeEnum).

Region Region, read-only

Provides access to the region which contains the word. Use the BoundingRectangle property of this region to get the rectangle of the word.

The region coordinates (in pixels) are relative to the left top corner of the image.

Text BSTR, read-only

Returns the word as is.

Note: In contrast with the IParagraph::Text property, if the paragraph has right-to-left writing direction (like for Hebrew), a word in the paragraph is a string which contains the characters of the word from left to right. For example, the Hebrew word will be returned as the string "".


Name Description
GetRecognitionVariants Returns a collection of variants of a word's recognition.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method of the Words object.


The object is used in the following code samples: CustomLanguage, RecognizedTextProcessing.

See also

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