The UPTF_ prefixed flags are used to denote characteristics of a character for which pattern training is performed. The IEngine::TrainUserPattern method receives as a parameter a bitwise OR combination of zero or more of these flags values, where each set bit indicates that the character has corresponding characteristic.

module UserPatternsTrainingFlags
 const int UPTF_UnusualScript = 0x00000001;
 const int UPTF_Bold          = 0x00000002;
 const int UPTF_Italic        = 0x00000004;
 const int UPTF_Subscript     = 0x00000008;
 const int UPTF_Superscript   = 0x00000010;


Flag name Description
UPTF_Bold The character has bold font style.
UPTF_Italic The character has italic font style.
UPTF_Subscript The character is subscript.
UPTF_Superscript The character is superscript.
UPTF_UnusualScript The character has unusual script.

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