TextLayoutRetentionModeEnum enumeration constants are used to describe available modes of retaining original document layout during export to TXT.

typedef enum {
} TextLayoutRetentionModeEnum;


Name Description
TXTLRM_Auto No specific settings are used.

The original layout is simulated by inserting spaces. When displayed with a monospace font, the text and table columns will be level. The distance between blocks will be approximately the same.

The InsertEmptyLineBetweenParagraphs property is ignored, and the presence of empty lines is determined by the size of empty space between paragraphs in the original. The ExportParagraphsAsOneLine property is also ignored, and the line breaks are always kept.

This mode is not intended for right-to-left or vertical texts.


The document logical structure and appearance is recreated as closely as possible, including headers, footnotes, incuts, and subscript and superscript symbols within a limited range.

Important! Do not use this constant in combination with the TEF_CSVFullLayout or TEF_CSVTablesOnly constant (see TXTExportFormatEnum).

Used in


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