TextCategoryEnum enumeration constants describe different categories of text that may be recognized using a text language.

typedef enum {
} TextCategoryEnum;


Name Description
TC_FormFields This constant describes the text of a fill-in form. This kind of text can contain numbers, single words or phrases. The syntax rules are therefore more relaxed than in natural language, and the spacing and punctuation rules are tuned to fit the text of fill-in forms.
TC_Listing This value corresponds to a text in a programming language or some other formal language.
TC_NaturalText This value specifies the text in a natural language. It consists of sentences, sentences, in turn, consist of words in the natural language with rare inclusions of digits, punctuation marks, abbreviations, URL, etc.
TC_TableCells This constant describes the text located in table cells. Generally, it contains numbers, single words, or phrases. Contents of the cells are semantically unrelated (or the relation is of a very general type).
TC_Unknown This value specifies the text of any type.

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