TextBlockAnalysisParams Object (ITextBlockAnalysisParams Interface)

This object specifies how a text block should be analyzed. The object allows you to set analysis parameters for the individual text block, while the PageAnalysisParams object affects the process of layout analysis of the whole page. Analysis parameters should be set for an individual text block, if any non-trivial analysis upon that block is needed. It also may be useful if automatic document analysis is not performed, and a text block is created manually.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
AutodetectInversion VARIANT_BOOL

Specifies whether the color inversion (white text on black background) must be automatically detected and normalized during analysis.

This property is FALSE by default.

SkewCorrectionMode SkewCorrectionModeEnum

Specifies the mode of skew correction during analysis.

This property is SCM_AccordingToPage by default.

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