TextAndBackgroundColorModeEnum enumeration constants are used to define the mode of retaining the original text and background color during export to PDF (PDF/A) format.

typedef enum {
} TextAndBackgroundColorModeEnum;


Name Description
TBCM_Auto Select the mode of retaining the original colors depending on value of the IPDFExportParams::Colority property: if it is PCM_KeepColority, the colors of the original are kept; otherwise, the colors are not retained in the output file.
TBCM_DontKeep Do not retain the original text and background color, even if IPDFExportParams::Colority is set to keep colority.
TBCM_Keep Retain the original text and background color in the output file. The colors will be retained regardless of the IPDFExportParams::Colority value.

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