StyleParamsEnum enumeration constants are used to denote different parameters of a font style. They are used as a mask in some methods of the Paragraph object. The mask is an OR combination of these constants and define what properties of the CharParams object should be taken into account in these methods. The constants are also used as a mask in the IFontStyle::OverriddenStyleParams property.

typedef enum {
 SF_Bold = 1,
 SF_Italic = 2,
 SF_Underlined = 4,
 SF_Strikeout = 8,
 SF_SmallCaps = 16,
 SF_FontSize = 0x10000,
 SF_FontName = 0x20000,
 SF_Scaling = 0x40000,
 SF_Spacing = 0x80000,
 SF_Color = 0x100000,
 SF_BackgroundColor = 0x200000,
 SF_BaseLineRise = 0x400000
} StyleParamsEnum;


Name Description
SF_BackgroundColor Refers to the IParagraphParams::BackgroundColor property.
SF_BaseLineRise Refers to the ICharParams::BaseLine or IFontStyle::BaseLine property.
SF_Bold Refers to the ICharParams::IsBold or IFontStyle::IsBold property.
SF_Color Refers to the ICharParams::Color or IFontStyle::Color property.
SF_FontName Refers to the ICharParams::FontName or IFontStyle::FontName property.
SF_FontSize Refers to the ICharParams::FontSize or IFontStyle::FontSize property.
SF_Italic Refers to the ICharParams::IsItalic or IFontStyle::IsItalic property.
SF_Scaling Refers to the ICharParams::HorizontalScale or IFontStyle::HorizontalScale property.
SF_SmallCaps Refers to the ICharParams::IsSmallCaps or IFontStyle::IsSmallCaps property.
SF_Spacing Refers to the ICharParams::Spacing or IFontStyle::Spacing property.
SF_Strikeout Refers to the ICharParams::IsStrikeout or IFontStyle::IsStrikeout property.
SF_Underlined Refers to the ICharParams::IsUnderlined or IFontStyle::IsUnderlined property.

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