SplitRegion Object (ISplitRegion Interface)

This object provides access to the properties of one of the regions, into which a page has been split. This object is an element of the collection of such regions (SplitRegions object).


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
CurrentPageIndex int, read-only Stores the index of the new page in the document.
SourcePageIndex int, read-only Stores the index of the source page in the document.
SourceRegion Region, read-only Stores the region of the new page on the source image.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method of the SplitRegions object.


You can convert coordinates on the source image to coordinates on the new page image using the ConvertCoordinates method of the CoordinatesConverter object. To do this, use the IT_Base constant to indicate the page from which coordinates of a pixel should be converted and the IT_Modified constant to indicate the page to which coordinates should be converted.

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