BeginScan Method of the ScanSource Object

This method starts an asynchronous scanning operation and returns immediately. Scanning can take a lot of time, and this method can be useful when you do not want the program to wait for the completion of a long scanning operation. It takes a pointer to the IScanCallback scanning management interface as an input parameter.

Important! You cannot start another scanning operation until the current one is completed, even if you select some other scanning source. Its completion will be signalled by OnScanComplete notification.



HRESULT BeginScan(
  ScanSourceUITypeEnum UserInterfaceType,
  BSTR                 Folder,
  IScanCallback*       Callback


void BeginScan(
  ScanSourceUITypeEnum UserInterfaceType,
  BSTR                 Folder,
  IScanCallback*       Callback

Visual Basic .NET

Sub BeginScan( _
  UserInterfaceType As ScanSourceUITypeEnum, _
  Folder As String, _
  ByRef Callback As IScanCallback _


[in] This variable specifies the user interface type which is to be used for setting the scanning options as ScanSourceUITypeEnum. Do not pass the SSUIT_All constant as this parameter. If you do not wish to display a dialog box, pass SSUIT_None constant.
[in] This variable determines the path to the folder where the scans should be saved. Please note that this folder must already exist.
[in] This variable is used to pass the pointer to the IScanCallback callback interface. This interface is used for scanning progress and completion notifications, or for errors that may occur during scanning. This parameter is optional. If you do not want to receive the notifications, pass the null pointer.

Return values

This method may return the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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