SetPredefinedTextLanguage Method of the RecognizerParams Object

This method sets the language of recognition to be one of the predefined ABBYY FineReader Engine languages. It affects the value of the IRecognizerParams::TextLanguage property.



HRESULT SetPredefinedTextLanguage( BSTR Name );


void SetPredefinedTextLanguage( string Name );

Visual Basic .NET

Sub SetPredefinedTextLanguage(Name As String)


[in] This variable is the internal name of one of the ABBYY FineReader Engine predefined languages. This name should be one from the list of ABBYY FineReader Engine predefined languages. This parameter may also contain several language names separated with commas, for example, "English,French,German".

Return values

If the predefined language you are trying to set is not available, or the language with this name is not supported, the E_INVALIDARG error code is returned. This method may also return the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.


Availability of this or that predefined language depends on the availability of the corresponding modules in the set of ABBYY FineReader Engine modules.

See also


Working with Languages

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