RecognitionModeEnum enumeration constants are used to denote the recognition modes applied to the documents or images during their processing.

typedef enum {
} RecognitionModeEnum;


Name Description

The recognition will be run in accurate mode.

This mode provides maximum accuracy on poor-quality documents and images due to the use of advanced neural network technologies. However, applying this mode takes longer to obtain the recognition result than fast and normal modes provide.


The recognition will be run in fast mode.

This mode provides maximum recognition speed, thus allows you to obtain satisfying results on images and documents that are easy to process in minimum time. On good print quality texts, ABBYY FineReader Engine makes an average of 1-2 errors per page, and such a moderate increase in error rate can be easily tolerated in many cases, such as full-text indexing with "fuzzy" searches, preliminary recognition, etc.

Note: We do not recommend using this mode to recognize small image fragments (for example, fragments which consist of only one line or word) because the time advantage will be insignificant.


The recognition will be run in normal mode.

The normal mode is an intermediate mode between accurate and fast modes. This mode provides satisfying recognition results on noisy images or documents with complex layout and can be used to process high-quality photos.

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